Interior and graphic design at USU are shaping the way people look at décor

7 Dec

By Cory C. Checketts

JCOM 1130/Section 2

The Department of Art and Design at Utah State University will present the Susan Tibbits MFA Exhibition Wednesday with a reception from 5 to 7 p.m. in Gallery 102 of the Chase Fine Arts Center.

The exhibition, titled “Folding Forms,” will feature six hexagonal wall hangings made from white paper. Each piece has been assembled to accent spaces through lighting and form.

“Her challenge is to take those paper forms and organize them on the space she wants to show in,” said Alan Hashimoto, a member of Tibbits’s master’s committee. “The lighting is really important because it will describe the form.”

If the lighting isn’t correct, Tibbits’s work will be difficult to distinguish on the white walls of the studio.

“A lot of graphic design work doesn’t get to this point,” Tibbits said. “I let the shapes be a form as honest as they need to be and respond to what they do.”

Observing spaces and shapes interested Tibbits in design at a young age. As a child she remembers looking inside people’s homes to observe how they lived and moved within them.

“It’s such an important thing, as a designer, to be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes,” Tibbits said. “To be able to understand what people feel and how they live is incredible.”

Tibbits hopes her work will become interior and architectural designs.

“I want to contact some companies and see if I can get some interest,” Tibbits said. “I think geometrics are starting to emerge — there’s really no design like this.”

The exhibition will be on display until Jan. 11.


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